Can’t wait for the holidays: Esther Asare

My plans for the holidays are as follows; leaving Mentukwa to Accra, going to Kwahu and going out with my friends. I have only one week and is only seven days.  I have a plan for each day and is starting from Friday to Thursday.

On Friday I will be leaving Mentukwa to Accra for the holidays, on Saturday I will be preparing myself for fufu on Sunday and I will make sure that all the things are ready for my fufu.

 On Sunday morning I will go to church and after church I will be having fufu and groundnut soup. On Monday, I will be going out with my friends to see how Accra looks like and how big it is.  On Tuesday, I will be visiting my friends in Accra and after that I will rest in the house for another day.
On the next day I will be going out with my friend to Kwahu in the Eastern Region, to visit one of my friends over there and to see some things they have there and take some pictures as well, so this is all about my plans for the holidays.

Sir Mawuli my favourite teacher: Vida Gbegbe

The name of my best teacher is Sir Mawuli, he is dark in completion and he is tall.  He has a small nose with big stomach and he has small eyes with big head.

The reason why I like Sir Mawuli is that he is a good and l like the way he is.  When he teaches us we understand  it very well.  The subjects he teaches are Maths, Science, English, and Social Studies.  I think he is very good at  teaching.

Sir Mawuli is respectful and he doesn’t like using cane to teach.  He also shows love to every one. The food he likes best is rice and palava sauce with fried fish.  The food he dislikes is plantain with tomato stew.

Vida is the current president of the club, she is 17 years old.  She is also a key member of the girls football team that won the cup at the just organized Girls day out.  Vida schools at Nsawam which is about 2 hours from her village.  She comes  back to Mantukwa, the village that she lives in, every weekend in time for girls club activities.

Let’s pound fufu: Mary Danso

My faourite meal is Fufu and light soup with chicken. Fufu is my favourite meal because its a heavy meal and as such sustains me for a longer time.


To prepare fufu, we will need cassava and plantain.  A pot of water is placed on fire.  The plantain and cassava is then peeled and put in the pot when the water starts to boil. It stays on fire for 15 minutes. When its cooked, the water is drained and the plantain and cassava is pounded in a mortar with a pestle.


Cassava and plantain being pounded in a mortar with a pestle

To prepare fufu, we will need cassava and plantain.  A pot of water is placed on fire.  The plantain and cassava is then peeled and put in the pot when the water starts to boil. It stays on fire for 15 minutes. When its cooked, the water is drained and the plantain and cassava is pounded in a mortar with a pestle.



The ingredients needed for the light soup are, onions, spices for steaming the chicken, tomatoes, pepper, tomato paste, salt.  To prepare the soup, put chicken on fire and add a little water to steam. Add chopped onions and spices together with pepper and salt to the steaming chicken.  Allow to boil for 5 minutes. After, add tomato paste and let it simmer. Pour a little water on it so it does not become thick.


earthenware (asanka)

Wash tomatoes and add to soup.  Cover pot half way. After 10 minutes, take out tomatoes and and grind in an earthenware (Asanka) till it becomes smooth.  Pour puree into soup. Cover halfway and allow to boil for 10 minute.

Mould fufu into ball shape and serve with soup.




Fufu and Light soup




I wanted to be a doctor since my infancy.  I never liked teaching though both my parents are teachers.  My parents always tell me to learn very hard in order to fulfil my dreams as a doctor and I must have special intrest  in science, since it is the basic requirement. Because of my ambition as a doctor, I have decided to offer science at secondary school level and proceed to medical school for the period of seven years to be a qualified doctor. I like to be doctor for so many reasons.  I like to serve my people on personal hygiene to avoid diseases like cholera .  I want to succed in life in the future and become a responsible person.  I can see that a doctor can fetch me money to stand on my feet when I grow up in the future.  I also have the ambition of building my own hospital to offer services to my people and to help the needy and the poor once and the nation as a whole. My name is Dorcas Nartey. nick name is Angelic Angel.

Oh! How I Love Football: Ophelia Ayeh

I am Ophelia Ayeh.  There are many games in the world but football is my best game in the world. The reason is that, when I’m playing football I do feel it.  When I’m playing football and mama calls I wouldn’t even want to go.  Any time I play football, I even forget to do other things. Therefore I always like watching football match on television and at  fields. In fact, apart from football I have no game to play.  My favourite team in the world is Manchester United because they play very well and at the same time my favourite player is Oscar at Chelsea football club. I really love the beautiful game. I really love football.

My Experience With Girls Club: Charity Amuzu

My name is Amuzu Charity.  I am fifteen years old.  I attend school at Adawso Roman Catholic school and I’m in JHS 1.  I do not know if there is a girls club because I am new in this school.  For the last year I have been a member of the Abenta Methodist Primary School Girls club.  I think it was interesting because, I always enjoyed the way our madams spoke to us.  Madam Gladys and Madam Jamie always came down to our level and that made me understand better.

I only joined the girls club in the second term and as such I did not hold any position.  I always enjoyed the girls club meeting because it was another way to learn and I always couldn’t wait for the next meeting.

Nurse showing the students visual aid during the teenage pregnancy session

If I didn’t understand anything, I could go to madam Gladys or madam Jamie and they will explain it again.  Also, they brought people to talk to us about many things.  My favourite topic was teenage pregnancy.


Creativity of Girls

Some of the girls in Abenta came over to the base to color and draw. They were asked to draw the first thing that came to mind! Some were creative as they drew their moms, butterflies and the Ghana flag. Others chose to do more abstract work and leave the creativity up to the audience.

Mavis is 4 years old and an Abenta Creche Graduate. She will go into the KG this next term.
Gloria is also a 4 year old Abenta Creche Graduate.
Group creativity
(Left to Right) Filo 10 , Dorcas 8, Eunice 8, Florence 10






Almost everyday we see these girls around the village either coming to play with volunteers or going out to fetch water for their families. They are integral parts of their community here in Abenta, even at such young ages.

These six girls have heads full of dreams, hearts full of wonder and hands that will shape the world.