I wanted to be a doctor since my infancy.  I never liked teaching though both my parents are teachers.  My parents always tell me to learn very hard in order to fulfil my dreams as a doctor and I must have special intrest  in science, since it is the basic requirement. Because of my ambition as a doctor, I have decided to offer science at secondary school level and proceed to medical school for the period of seven years to be a qualified doctor. I like to be doctor for so many reasons.  I like to serve my people on personal hygiene to avoid diseases like cholera .  I want to succed in life in the future and become a responsible person.  I can see that a doctor can fetch me money to stand on my feet when I grow up in the future.  I also have the ambition of building my own hospital to offer services to my people and to help the needy and the poor once and the nation as a whole. My name is Dorcas Nartey. nick name is Angelic Angel.

Oh! How I Love Football: Ophelia Ayeh

I am Ophelia Ayeh.  There are many games in the world but football is my best game in the world. The reason is that, when I’m playing football I do feel it.  When I’m playing football and mama calls I wouldn’t even want to go.  Any time I play football, I even forget to do other things. Therefore I always like watching football match on television and at  fields. In fact, apart from football I have no game to play.  My favourite team in the world is Manchester United because they play very well and at the same time my favourite player is Oscar at Chelsea football club. I really love the beautiful game. I really love football.

My Experience With Girls Club: Charity Amuzu

My name is Amuzu Charity.  I am fifteen years old.  I attend school at Adawso Roman Catholic school and I’m in JHS 1.  I do not know if there is a girls club because I am new in this school.  For the last year I have been a member of the Abenta Methodist Primary School Girls club.  I think it was interesting because, I always enjoyed the way our madams spoke to us.  Madam Gladys and Madam Jamie always came down to our level and that made me understand better.

I only joined the girls club in the second term and as such I did not hold any position.  I always enjoyed the girls club meeting because it was another way to learn and I always couldn’t wait for the next meeting.

Nurse showing the students visual aid during the teenage pregnancy session

If I didn’t understand anything, I could go to madam Gladys or madam Jamie and they will explain it again.  Also, they brought people to talk to us about many things.  My favourite topic was teenage pregnancy.


My Country Nigeria: Fatima Awudu

 The name of my county is Nigeria.  Nigeria is a nice country.  I was born at Ibadan but I lived at Kaduna.

The Nigerian Flag

The colours of the Nigerian flag are green, white and green.  The capital of my country is Abuja.  The name of my President is H. E Jonathan.

I am a Yoruba and the type of food we Yoruba’s eat are pounded yam, Rice and Stew, Eba and Egusi, Asarrow and Moimoi.  My favourite is Moimoi made with beans, pepper, onion and fish.

Nigeria is a neat country because you wont see pieces of paper on the ground.  I miss Nigeria a lot especially my friends and family and my favourite teacher, Mr. Sakasakabula.

I moved to Ghana with my mother because she wanted me to know her home country but I stay with my aunt because my mother passed.  Nigeria is my home and I look forward to going back one day.

Fatima Smiles for the camera

My Happiest Day Ever: Janet Wegbah

The happiest day in my life was Sunday 15th of May, 2015,  when my parents organised a big party for me after I had recovered from a serious illness.  I became ill and was taken to hospital. The illness became very serious and my parents knew I would die, for according to them, I was almost dead for two weeks at the hospital.  So they had no hope that I would get up again. They said in the third week, I began to move my hands and legs and later, I was able to speak.

When I become well, my parents organised a party for on 15th may, 2015.  After the church service, our relatives and friends of my parents came to our house.  My friends also came.  I put on a new dress my parents had bought me for the part.  Fowls were prepared for me and all the people were invited to the party.

We danced to good music after taking the food and drinks.  I was carried shoulder high round the house.

My friends were singing ‘welcome back to life, welcome back, Mary Danso I became happy for the whole day.

Many of the people who came there donated some money to my parents to congratulate me on my recovery from the sickness. It is a day I will never forget in my life.

My Family: Emmanuella Mensah


My name is Mensah Emmanuella. I am thirteen years old. I come from Dodowa but I stay at Gboloo Kofi.

I have one sister and three brothers. My brothers are Eric, Aikins and Emmanuel and my sister’s name is Bernice. Eric is a driver in Accra, Aikins works with volunteers at Village by Village and Bernice is a teacher.  My mother’s’ name is Janet Obu. she is a seller and a farmer.  My mother sells waakye and plants maize ,cassava, plantain and okro on her farm.  My father’s name is Benjamin Mensah.  I did not know my father because he died before I was born.

I am a member of the Tidsall Gboloo Kofi Girls club and I have learnt a lot from the club like being early and being healthy always.

Village by Village has helped my brothers and sisters to finish school.

I like drawing very much and this is a drawing of the house I want to stay in when I grow up.

I love my family very much.


Emmanuella (Manuella) has been known by us for 10 years.  From the village of Gboloo Kofi, her family welcomed the charity and gave the founder a home whilst he was building a well with the community.  We have watched Manuella grow into a young woman with a great sense of who she is and a very vibrant character.  

She has been part of the girl empowerment project that we have undertaken in Gboloo Kofi and has been vocal in her thoughts.  We asked her if she would draw a picture for us and tell us a little about her family.

A day in the life: Regina Banka

Regina has been part of the girls mentoring programme that we undertook in the village of Abenta.  With her distinctive brown hair she has become well known to us and has a very vibrant character.  We asked her to tell us about what her typical day looks like, this is what she told us.

My name Regina Banka. I am 15 years old. I come from Togo but I was born in Abenta. My favourite colour is blue. I love dancing and playing ampe, netball, football and volleyball. I attend school at Compassionate Kids international (in Adawso) and I am in primary 4.

Every morning, I wake up at 6 o’clock and fetch water from Abotow, a small pool in near by the forest as my sisters sweep the compound. When I get back from the forest, I get ready for school. I get to school at 8:30 if I can get a Moto which is a shared low powered motor bike with up to 4 other people. If I don’t get a ride, I have to walk and get to school at 9.

At school, my favourite subject is Maths. I close from school at 2:30pm and get home by 3:30pm.

I help my sisters cook supper. I like to cook Akple and Okro stew. After supper, I have my bath and go with my friends to the roadside. After staying there for a while talking with my friends, I go home, do my homework and go to bed.