Can’t wait for the holidays: Esther Asare

My plans for the holidays are as follows; leaving Mentukwa to Accra, going to Kwahu and going out with my friends. I have only one week and is only seven days.  I have a plan for each day and is starting from Friday to Thursday.

On Friday I will be leaving Mentukwa to Accra for the holidays, on Saturday I will be preparing myself for fufu on Sunday and I will make sure that all the things are ready for my fufu.

 On Sunday morning I will go to church and after church I will be having fufu and groundnut soup. On Monday, I will be going out with my friends to see how Accra looks like and how big it is.  On Tuesday, I will be visiting my friends in Accra and after that I will rest in the house for another day.
On the next day I will be going out with my friend to Kwahu in the Eastern Region, to visit one of my friends over there and to see some things they have there and take some pictures as well, so this is all about my plans for the holidays.


I wanted to be a doctor since my infancy.  I never liked teaching though both my parents are teachers.  My parents always tell me to learn very hard in order to fulfil my dreams as a doctor and I must have special intrest  in science, since it is the basic requirement. Because of my ambition as a doctor, I have decided to offer science at secondary school level and proceed to medical school for the period of seven years to be a qualified doctor. I like to be doctor for so many reasons.  I like to serve my people on personal hygiene to avoid diseases like cholera .  I want to succed in life in the future and become a responsible person.  I can see that a doctor can fetch me money to stand on my feet when I grow up in the future.  I also have the ambition of building my own hospital to offer services to my people and to help the needy and the poor once and the nation as a whole. My name is Dorcas Nartey. nick name is Angelic Angel.

Selina Gakpe: My Favourite Food

The food I like best is rice and bean stew.

I like rice and bean stew because it gives me all the nutrients that my body needs. The rice contains carbohydrates, which give me energy for my daily activities. It makes me strong. The salt contains iodine and calcium. The calcium makes my bones grow.  The iodine in the salt makes my mind grow. It also helps me not to forget things that I learn.

Rice and Bean Stew with Fried Plantain

The beans in the stew contains protein. The protein make me grow faster. The vegetables in the stew gives me vitamins, which are very necessary for our bodies.

The vitamins make my immune system very strong. Finally the oil contains fats, which help my body to grow in size. It makes me to grow fat. Rice and beans stew is very rich in nutrients and that is why I like it very much.


Selina in her School uniform in Abenta

I am the vice president of the Abenta girls club. Being part of the club has taught me to dress well and respect people.

Selina Gakpe lives in the village of Abenta, a small village of about 450 people in the Eastern Region of Ghana.  She is from the Ewe tribe.  She is 15 years old and lives with her father, 4 brothers and 3 sisters.  She attends Abenta Methodist Primary School where we undertook a girl empowerment project.  

My Family: Emmanuella Mensah


My name is Mensah Emmanuella. I am thirteen years old. I come from Dodowa but I stay at Gboloo Kofi.

I have one sister and three brothers. My brothers are Eric, Aikins and Emmanuel and my sister’s name is Bernice. Eric is a driver in Accra, Aikins works with volunteers at Village by Village and Bernice is a teacher.  My mother’s’ name is Janet Obu. she is a seller and a farmer.  My mother sells waakye and plants maize ,cassava, plantain and okro on her farm.  My father’s name is Benjamin Mensah.  I did not know my father because he died before I was born.

I am a member of the Tidsall Gboloo Kofi Girls club and I have learnt a lot from the club like being early and being healthy always.

Village by Village has helped my brothers and sisters to finish school.

I like drawing very much and this is a drawing of the house I want to stay in when I grow up.

I love my family very much.


Emmanuella (Manuella) has been known by us for 10 years.  From the village of Gboloo Kofi, her family welcomed the charity and gave the founder a home whilst he was building a well with the community.  We have watched Manuella grow into a young woman with a great sense of who she is and a very vibrant character.  

She has been part of the girl empowerment project that we have undertaken in Gboloo Kofi and has been vocal in her thoughts.  We asked her if she would draw a picture for us and tell us a little about her family.

Aspirations from the Village: Awudu Adiza

Awudu Adiza is my name.

I am fifteen years old. I come from Nigeria but I stay at Abenta, I am dark in complexion and about five feet five inches tall. I have a little tribal mark on my left cheek, a broad face and a round nose. I am a pupil at Abenta Methodist Primary School and I am in class six, the subjects I like best are English, mathematics and science I like these subjects because I want to become a medical doctor in future but I can’t because my mother has died, after she died things was difficult to me but I pray to God.

Editors note:  Adiza has been part of our reading club in Abenta since it was started last year.  As part of the programme she has read 10 books meaning she gets a reward.  She is amazing, she has worked so hard and loves reading.  The photo below is her receiving a new bag, pencils, notebook and markers to help her in school.  She is also the President of the girls club that we also run which seeks to empower the girls and raise aspirations.  Jamie, a Peace Corps volunteer here runs the reading club and the girls club.



Aspirations from the Village: Comfort Sakyibea

Comfort Sakyibea is 18 years old and lives in the Village of Abenta in the Eastern Region of Ghana.  She is from the Akan tribe.  Currently she works as a part time administrator for Village by Village.  We asked her what she wanted for the future, this is what she said…..

What I want in the future is to be a nurse.  In my village there is no clinic, people are suffering and it is far to go when people get sick.  If I am a nurse I can force the Government to build a clinic in my village so it is easy to go to the clinic when we are sick.

Illness in the village is hard and having a clinic and a nurse would be helpful.