Can’t wait for the holidays: Esther Asare

My plans for the holidays are as follows; leaving Mentukwa to Accra, going to Kwahu and going out with my friends. I have only one week and is only seven days.  I have a plan for each day and is starting from Friday to Thursday.

On Friday I will be leaving Mentukwa to Accra for the holidays, on Saturday I will be preparing myself for fufu on Sunday and I will make sure that all the things are ready for my fufu.

 On Sunday morning I will go to church and after church I will be having fufu and groundnut soup. On Monday, I will be going out with my friends to see how Accra looks like and how big it is.  On Tuesday, I will be visiting my friends in Accra and after that I will rest in the house for another day.
On the next day I will be going out with my friend to Kwahu in the Eastern Region, to visit one of my friends over there and to see some things they have there and take some pictures as well, so this is all about my plans for the holidays.

Oh! How I Love Football: Ophelia Ayeh

I am Ophelia Ayeh.  There are many games in the world but football is my best game in the world. The reason is that, when I’m playing football I do feel it.  When I’m playing football and mama calls I wouldn’t even want to go.  Any time I play football, I even forget to do other things. Therefore I always like watching football match on television and at  fields. In fact, apart from football I have no game to play.  My favourite team in the world is Manchester United because they play very well and at the same time my favourite player is Oscar at Chelsea football club. I really love the beautiful game. I really love football.

My Experience With Girls Club: Charity Amuzu

My name is Amuzu Charity.  I am fifteen years old.  I attend school at Adawso Roman Catholic school and I’m in JHS 1.  I do not know if there is a girls club because I am new in this school.  For the last year I have been a member of the Abenta Methodist Primary School Girls club.  I think it was interesting because, I always enjoyed the way our madams spoke to us.  Madam Gladys and Madam Jamie always came down to our level and that made me understand better.

I only joined the girls club in the second term and as such I did not hold any position.  I always enjoyed the girls club meeting because it was another way to learn and I always couldn’t wait for the next meeting.

Nurse showing the students visual aid during the teenage pregnancy session

If I didn’t understand anything, I could go to madam Gladys or madam Jamie and they will explain it again.  Also, they brought people to talk to us about many things.  My favourite topic was teenage pregnancy.


Creativity of Girls

Some of the girls in Abenta came over to the base to color and draw. They were asked to draw the first thing that came to mind! Some were creative as they drew their moms, butterflies and the Ghana flag. Others chose to do more abstract work and leave the creativity up to the audience.

Mavis is 4 years old and an Abenta Creche Graduate. She will go into the KG this next term.
Gloria is also a 4 year old Abenta Creche Graduate.
Group creativity
(Left to Right) Filo 10 , Dorcas 8, Eunice 8, Florence 10






Almost everyday we see these girls around the village either coming to play with volunteers or going out to fetch water for their families. They are integral parts of their community here in Abenta, even at such young ages.

These six girls have heads full of dreams, hearts full of wonder and hands that will shape the world.


My Country Nigeria: Fatima Awudu

 The name of my county is Nigeria.  Nigeria is a nice country.  I was born at Ibadan but I lived at Kaduna.

The Nigerian Flag

The colours of the Nigerian flag are green, white and green.  The capital of my country is Abuja.  The name of my President is H. E Jonathan.

I am a Yoruba and the type of food we Yoruba’s eat are pounded yam, Rice and Stew, Eba and Egusi, Asarrow and Moimoi.  My favourite is Moimoi made with beans, pepper, onion and fish.

Nigeria is a neat country because you wont see pieces of paper on the ground.  I miss Nigeria a lot especially my friends and family and my favourite teacher, Mr. Sakasakabula.

I moved to Ghana with my mother because she wanted me to know her home country but I stay with my aunt because my mother passed.  Nigeria is my home and I look forward to going back one day.

Fatima Smiles for the camera

Adjei Patience: My Village

I live in the village of Abenta.  The name of my Chief is Odikro Danso, I know this because that’s how everyone calls him.  Some of the elders in my village are Gyaase (Sub-Chiefs).  There is Mr. Awuku and the Okyeame (the Chief’s Linguist).  The Okyeame is the mouthpiece of the Chief, so everywhere the Chief goes he goes with his Linguist so that whatever the Chief talks, the Linguist will explain to the people.  They are always part of the Chief’s entourage.  I don’t know the Gyaase’s name but I call him Nana.

I have two friends here at Abenta, Maabena and Senyo Gladys.  I come from a city called Tutu but I had to move in with family in Abenta. I don’t like living in the village because I miss being in the city.  Everyone here are farmers.  We have mills that grind cassava.

The Abenta Junction

In the evening most people meet at the junction, but I don’t really know what happens because I am always home by then.




The Village by Village base

My favorite place in all of Abenta is at the Village by Village base because no one there sends me to do things.

Patience pic
Patience and her junior brother Nana Kwame



My Happiest Day Ever: Janet Wegbah

The happiest day in my life was Sunday 15th of May, 2015,  when my parents organised a big party for me after I had recovered from a serious illness.  I became ill and was taken to hospital. The illness became very serious and my parents knew I would die, for according to them, I was almost dead for two weeks at the hospital.  So they had no hope that I would get up again. They said in the third week, I began to move my hands and legs and later, I was able to speak.

When I become well, my parents organised a party for on 15th may, 2015.  After the church service, our relatives and friends of my parents came to our house.  My friends also came.  I put on a new dress my parents had bought me for the part.  Fowls were prepared for me and all the people were invited to the party.

We danced to good music after taking the food and drinks.  I was carried shoulder high round the house.

My friends were singing ‘welcome back to life, welcome back, Mary Danso I became happy for the whole day.

Many of the people who came there donated some money to my parents to congratulate me on my recovery from the sickness. It is a day I will never forget in my life.